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Earn money completing tasks for shared and micro-mobility providers

Daily potential of $100 or more*

*based on 10 moves a day including cash and credits. Earning vary in each city.


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What is StreetCrowd? 

StreetCrowd's goal is to help people living in cities gain access to safe, clean and reliable shared mobility options.

StreetCrowd users get paid to complete tasks for shared mobility providers. The main task focuses on driving shared cars from areas of low demand to areas of high demand - but other options can also include: electric car or scooter charging, cleaning, or other service tasks, which depends on the chosen provider.

  • Set your own schedule

  • Make money when you want 

  • Explore your city

  • Opportunity is everywhere 

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Depending on each provider, you are paid in cash and in credits to use for their services.  

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"It was the most fun I've had in a long time! The StreetCrowd support folks were always very helpful and responsive to my endless questions. I feel like it was providing a really useful service, and it always gave me a sense of satisfaction to see the car I had relocated just a few minutes earlier being gone by the time I got back."

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"It’s an awesome way to help rideshare riders get cars in areas that they're needed the most and get paid to do so!"

- Dennis


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