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Learn how to drive with StreetCrowd

How to relocate a car

How to charge a car

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Download the App

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Sign Up

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Choose a Task

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Get Paid

Download the StreetCrowd app for free and sign up to become a member today.

Follow the steps provided, and choose the shared mobility company in your city. Once your mobility account is activated, you'll have an activated StreetCrowd account.

Open the StreetCrowd app to see the available tasks. Select a car and choose one of the three destinations provided. Learn how to successfully complete a task for the shared mobility company you are registered for:

Earn money after the approval of each successfully completed task. The amount you will earn is shown for each destination in the app. Payment will be transferred to a member’s PayPal account. Payment will be the accumulated sum of valid and approved tasks.

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