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//  Moin moin, Hamburg!

Let's ride,



StreetCrowd teamed up with Miles Mobility to help improve car sharing in the city of Hamburg.

Get in the driver's seat, move cars and get paid

Move cars around Hamburg! 

Drive more, earn more.

Dynamic payment makes it possible.

The more you drive the more you earn. Up to you.

How to get started

1.  Sign up for MILES

It's easy. All you need is an address, a payment method, and your driver's license to start carsharing in Hamburg with MILES.

4. Unlock the car 

Already in front of your car? Great! Easily open the car by clicking the button in the StreetCrowd app and your all set to get in.

2. Select MILES in StreetCrowd 

To work with MILES is easy if you follow our tips after logging in the StreetCrowd app for the first time.


  1. Enter your MILES email address

  2. Enter your PayPal email address

5.  Move and Park

Use the map in the StreetCrowd app to see the available areas to move your car. Select your preferred High Demand Area  "Hot Zone" then click Start Drive to lock in your zone.

3. Find the nearest Car

Use the StreetCrowd app and see all the cars available to move. Select a car to see its make and model. Choose your favorite and see how far it is from your current location.

6.  End the ride

Before ending the ride, make sure you are parked inside the "Hot Zone." And make sure you locked the car correctly. 


We're here to help!


Check the FAQ to see how to use the StreetCrowd app for MILES Mobility

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