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The purpose of this book is to break down the workflow and rules a StreetCrowd user must follow in order to get paid for each valid move and maintain their active status for moving Free2Move cars.
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Main Goal:

Move Free2Move cars from their current location to “Hot-Zones”. The cars eligible to be moved are shown on the map in the StreetCrowd app. You will be paid each week for the number of cars you successfully moved to “Hot-Zones.”

Signing up for the service:

In order to move Free2Move cars a StreetCrowd user must meet the following criteria: 

  • Must have a valid Free2Move account.

    • If the intended user does not have a Free2Move Account, they must first download the Free2Move App and register, free of charge.

  • Must be 21 years or older.

  • Must have a valid United States driving licence. 

Moving Cars to "Hot-Zones"

Follow the steps below to ensure a successful and valid move:​

  1. Open the StreetCrowd App to shows Free2Move cars eligible to be moved 

  2. Select a car to view 

    • License plate

    • Model 

    • Color 

    • 3 suggested routes to the nearest Hot Zones

  3. Decide which car you want to move and which Hot Zone you want to move it to. Do not choose a car if you were the last person to drive it with your personal Free2Move account.

  4. Go to the car and open it with your StreetCrowd app. Do not reserve the car with your personal Free2Move account.

  5. Start the trip and tap "Start Drive" in the StreetCrowd App. This will freeze the current valid Hot Zones.

  6. Move the car directly to a location to any of your preferred Hot Zones and find a valid parking spot within the Hot Zone boundaries. Do not make any unnecessary stops along the way. Verify that you are in a valid parking spot (see Free2Move parking guidelines here).

  7. End the trip and lock the car with your app. Please remove any trash and leave the car as you would wish to find it.

  8. Once the vehicle is locked and the trip ends you will get a notification email confirming that your trip has completed and will be verified for payment.

Important Rules to Follow 

To ensure a user's activated status for StreetCrowd and Free2Move, there are a few important rules to follow:

  • A user must not use their personal Free2Move account to take a car from a Hot Zone within 3 hours of your last StreetCrowd move. 

  • A user must make sure they are parked at legal residential parking or metered spots within the Hot Zone. A user will be given access to review the Free2Move Parking Guidelines to learn more about where Free2Move vehicles are allowed to end trips. A user will be charged with the costs resulting from imposed tickets or parking fees due to unlawful parking. A StreetCrowd user must notify Free2Move of any damages to a Free2Move vehicle before accessing and/or driving the vehicle

  • Upon registration for the StreetCrowd service, Free2Move users consent that they shall be liable for damages to Free2Move vehicles and abide by the "Terms and Conditions of Use of the Free2Move Service." 

Strike System

After a StreetCrowd user ends their move it undergoes the move verification, where it is decided whether the user is paid for the completed task or not.


Users are made aware of a number of guidelines in order to make a “valid” move. A move can be denied in case it does admit any violation against Free2Move and/or Ubiq User Agreement.


For those situations when the user’s move results in a violation,  those certain violations fall under a Strike system while others result in the user’s StreetCrowd and Free2Move account being placed on a temporary hold or deactivation.

The “Three strikes system” is very simple, if three strike violations are committed then the user will unfortunately be deactivated.

Strike violations are:

  • Off street parking

  • Considerable long move

  • Leaving the vehicle in a reservation mode

  • Clearly ended trip outside hot zone

  • Bringing animals in the car

  • Driving for personal purposes under the secondary / no-charge Free2Move account

The following result in an account hold:

  • Using the Free2Move account to rent a vehicle that is located within a Hot Zone within 3 hours of their last StreetCrowd move.

  • Not paying fees - associated with their personal Free2Move account. 

The following result in an account deactivation:

  • 3 strikes of any violation

  • Non paid invoices after 2 months from date of issue

  • Leaving waste and dirt behind

  • Reckless driving

  • Speeding / parking ticket

  • Car impounded

  • Car damage

  • Smoking in vehicle

  • Drinking alcohol before or during a trip

  • Allowing any other person other than the registered user to drive on their  StreetCrowd or Free2Move account.

  • Driving repeatedly for personal purposes under the wrong Free2move account.

How to use the Free2Move accounts

The primary  Free2Move account is the account with which members drive Free2Move cars for personal purposes and it is a chargeable account. 


The secondary Free2Move account is the 100% discounted account (no-charge account) which the user needs to use in the Free2Move app with, in order to be able to get paid for the moved cars. 


 In the Free2Move mobile app, in the "hamburger" menu members will have to log out from their own personal Free2Move account and log back in with the secondary account user credentials in order to perform the moves and get paid. 


When the user has to drive again for personal purposes, they need to log out and back in with  their personal Free2Move credentials. Driving for personal purposes under the secondary account credentials will result in a strike and, upon repeated behavior, their StreetCrowd account being suspended.  


Receiving Payment 

Pay periods run through Friday to Thursday, and the user will get paid on the Friday following the pay period in which moves and additional charging tasks have been validated.

The Payment will be accumulated and the user will receive the following for each successful task they have completed. This applies to each move to a valid parking spot within a Hot Zone: 

  • $5 for each valid moved car on your PayPal Account.

  • $5 Free2Move credit for each valid moved car.


Any user approaching the cumulative threshold of USD 600 gains in cash / fiscal year must provide a W9 form so they can continue performing moves. If the 600 USD is reached and the W9 was not provided, the user cannot perform moves until the end of the fiscal year.

Contact Information

For those cases when a StreetCrowd user needs to contact Ubiq or Free2Move for inquiries, the following communication channels are available.


For all important issues related to Free2Move vehicles a user should contact Free2Move directly by calling the hotline at +1-844-54FREE2. If a StreetCrowd user needs to contact Free2Move in a non-urgent matter, they may email Free2Move at support@free2move-carsharing.com 

Important vehicle issues can include: 

  • major vehicle damage 

  • unlocking or locking issues 

For all StreetCrowd related issues or non-urgent matters regarding Free2Move vehicles, StreetCrowd users may contact StreetCrowd directly at hi@streetcrowd.com or via Whatsapp text message at  +43 664 88872727.


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