Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get paid?

When registering for StreetCrowd, we ask you for your PayPal email address. For each vehicle that you successfully move you will receive HUF 500 transferred to your PayPal account. For each vehicle that you successfully move you will also receive 5 minutes driving credits.

How do I make sure I have made an eligible move and will get paid?

Please check to make sure that the following movement criteria are met:

  1. The car you have selected to drive is displayed on the map in the StreetCrowd App. Please note that only StreetCrowd eligible cars are available on the StreetCrowd App.
  2. You were not the last member to drive the Green Go car that you are choosing to move to a Hot Zone. You can check “Your rides” in the GreenGo App to see the last car you drove on your GreenGo account.
  3. You have parked the vehicle in a valid parking spot within the borders of a Hot Zone displayed on the StreetCrowd App.
  4. You have closed all windows and doors, turned off the engine, made sure to click “ End Trip” in your GreenGo app. The car is locking automatically - double-check if the doors are locked.
  5. You will also receive a confirmation email from StreetCrowd indicating that the trip has ended successfully within an hour of ending the trip.
  6. You do not take a trip with the car you just moved, or any other GreenGo vehicles within the Hot Zone within 3 hours of your StreetCrowd move.


What cars are eligible to move?

Only vehicles that are currently displayed on the StreetCrowd App are eligible to move. These are typically cars that have been sitting idle for a long time, and the goal is to move them into high utilization areas where they are likely to be picked up quickly by GreenGo members.

Which Hot Zones are eligible to move cars to?

Only the red-colored Hot Zones currently displayed on the StreetCrowd App are eligible areas to move cars to. Please note that Hot Zones change over the course of the day. The zones you see on the map are valid at this timestamp that they are displayed on the App. However, the zones will freeze, once you open a car and start your trip.

What if my car won't lock or unlock?

If you have trouble starting or ending your trip, please contact GreenGo CallCenter at +36 1 885 2015, and tell them your StreetCrowd member ID number- you can find this in your StreetCrowd app.

Where can I park?

Generally, you can park in any legal metered or unmetered on-street parking space within your target Hot Zone. Do NOT park in: - Private parking lots or garages - Parking spaces designated for residents or other special uses (i.e. taxi parking, bus parking, food vehicle parking, loading zones, etc) - Parking spaces that are time-limited (except the time limit starts 48h after you finish your trip) - Parking spaces for electric vehicles - On Switch - parking spaces Detailed parking guideline rules can be found here. Please double check parking signs to ensure that you have parked in a valid parking space.

What to do if I come across a car that is damaged?

If you notice that a car you are planning to move has any damage or is in need of service, please report it by emailing and include a description of the issue and photos.

Is there a fee for signing up?

No, joining StreetCrowd is absolutely free. If you are not yet a GreenGo member you can register here to receive a free GreenGo membership. Please note that in order to become a GreenGo member, you must meet the membership eligibility criteria listed in the GreenGo AGB.


Do I have to follow one of the 3 suggested routes to a Hot Zone?

Yes, you have to drive to one of the suggested Zones. However, you will get the option to open the route in your preferred Maps app.

How will I be notified about trips?

After you have moved a car, ended the trip, and locked the car, you will get a detailed email within one hour notifying you that your trip has been recorded. Our team will then verify the trip over the next couple of days. If your trip did not meet the payment criteria, you will receive an email indicating that you took an invalid trip.